The 1651 assignment to the Inhabitants of East-Hampton

"Whereas, by direction from Theophilus Eaton, Esq., and me Edward Hopkins, a purchase was made by Thomas Stanton and others, of a part of the Eastern Part of Long Island, of the Indian Sachems, the true proprietors thereof, in the name of Theophilus Eaton, Esq., aforesaid, and myself, with our associates, as by the said agreement, dated the 29th of April. 1648, may more fully appear, which said purchase was paid by me. Edward Hopkins, and amounted to the Sum of Thirty pounds four shillings eightpence, as may appear by a Note of Particulars, under the hand of Thomas Stanton. to whom the said sum was paid, now delivered to Robert Bond, of East-Hampton. this writinge witnesseth that I have received the foremencioned sum of Thirty pounds four shillings eight pence, of the Inhabitants of East-Hampton,and have delivered unto them the writings of the said purchase, and all the interest that thereby was purchased. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed, the 16th of Aprill, 1651.

I say received, £34 S4 D 8

Per me,


A true copy per me,

Thomas Talmage, Rec.