Stuart M. Cohen, Esq.

Clerk of the Court

New York State Court of Appeals

Albany, NY 12207-1095


Dear Sir,


            Thank you for your acknowledgment and reply to our November 5th letters to the court.  I note that Section 500.11(e) of the Rules of Practice pertaining to Amicus Curiae relief states that such relief may be obtained “upon the court’s own request” and again offer to that our Corporation will appear either in person or by attorney should such a request be made.


            Otherwise, it is my understanding that a court sitting in equity must look at the circumstances in which a contract is made in order to determine its true meaning.   I offer a priori that in 1666 and 1686 when the Niccols and Dongan Patents were issued for Easthampton affirming and granting the ownership and jurisdiction of and over the commonwealth of the Town of Easthampton, the teeming natural abundance of hunting, fishing and shell-fishing granted therein was in its entirety in the nature of ferae naturae. 






                                                                                    Bob Ficalora

                                                                                    Acting supervisor

                                                                                    Incorporated Township of Montauk



Cc:       Hon. Eliot Spitzer, Esq., Attorney General of the State of New York