1636-37. PEQUOT WAR. A punitive expedition (24 Aug., led by John Endecott of Mass.) against the Pequots (who dominated the area between the Pequot (Thames) River and the present western boundary of Rhode Island, as well as easter Long Island and Long Island Sound) in reprisal for the murder of a New England trader, John Oldham (20 Jul. 1636), led to reprisals the following spring. A Connecticut force under Capt. John Mason destroyed the main Pequot stronghold near the present village of Stonington (26 May). The fleeing remnants were slaughtered near New Haven (28 July) by a combined force from Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. (The Encyclopedia of American History Edited by Richard B. Morris, professor of history, Columbia University, Harper and Brothers, New York, 1953, p. 35-6)